Britta Sedemund
Founder and Director


How did you get the idea to launch your story in paris?

I moved to Paris from abroad in 2003. A new city, a new lifestyle, my husband’s new job and I pregnant with our first child.

I asked myself: in which neighbourhood would we live? How to get hold of a suitable apartment? Which hospital should I trust for the birth of my first child?

I had so many important questions that needed to be answered. My French was not up to standard for dealing with the formal proceedings, and many things just work completely different here. You realise just how many cultural differences there are.

It has been more numerous years now that I have lived and worked in France, while the family has expanded. But my personal experience of having to overcome all the challenges and difficulties of the first months, instilled in me the desire to share my experiences and to start your story in paris.

What does the motto “your story is our story” mean to you?

Behind each relocation, there is a very personal story, a unique situation and individual decisions. Each person has their own story! We would like to help, that this chapter of your own story, the story of this move, this part of your life, will be a happy and successful one.

My own story

I was born and grew up in Germany. My path led me from Austria, Portugal, the UK to the US and finally  to France. Following a management degree in the hotel industry  I pursued a career in marketing. In France, prior to starting your story in paris, I worked for a French luxury brand.