Interesting links

If you feel like browsing the subject a little further, you may find any of the below websites interesting:
Get yourself in the mood ….just a bit of fun reading. From dining tips to how to integrate, David Lebovitz offers his views in an amusing and charming, yet informative way.
Message is supportive network of English-speaking parents living in and around Paris with the goal to help others feel at home.
Official and very useful website about the French civil service. Its mission is to simplify administrative procedures for citizens, professionals and associations, to give them easy access to legal texts and inform them of their obligations. 
Hesitating between two suburbs or two arrondissements to live in? Trying to weigh the advantages and disadvantages? Get some local advice: this website gives you testimonies and rankings of people living in 262 different places .
For a quick glance on the city and a brief description of the various neighbourhoods .
Very comprehensive and trendy guide from nightlife to shopping, sightseeing, culture and arts, cinema and much more .