Natalie Nègre
Founder and Director


How did you get the idea to launch your story in paris?

Having spent most of my life  outside my home country,  I came to France with my husband and children many years ago to start a new chapter. Despite my proficient level of French and previous knowledge of the area it was a challenge to provide a smooth transition for my family into their new surroundings.  Although much information was readily available, I was lacking the detailed local knowledge to find good solutions straight away. From my own personal experience, as well as of friends and acquaintances,  I  came to realise how making the right choices at the start was key to a successful stay at a new location.

What does the motto “your story is our story” mean to you? 

The desire to help other families to get off to a good start, as well as to share the valuable information I gathered along the way was the key driver in founding your story in paris. My first-hand experience at living and working in a country where the language and culture is not my own enables me to understand the challenges newcomers are facing.  The issues concerning an expatriate life have been an integral part of my personal life.

My own story

Having  spent  my childhood in Germany, I have subsequently spent most of my adult life in the UK. Previously I have enjoyed a career  for multi-national Investment Banks in London,  advising on mergers and acquisitions, before relocating to France and establishing your story in paris.