Lighter requirements for supporting documents from tenants

A new decree relating to the Loi Alur has come into force on 5th November 2015: From now onwards the specific supporting documents that can be required by a landlord to vet a potential tenant has been officially defined.

Whereas previously, it was at the discretion of the landlord to determine which documents he or she required to assess the quality of any potential tenant, the French Ministry of Housing has now clearly laid out a list of supporting documents can be legally asked for by the landlord: only those elements relating to papers proving the identity, the current address, the job situation as well as the financial resources of the candidate may be requested.

The official list, as published by the Government, spells out the specific papers that a landlord may request:

  • A single piece of evidence relating to the identity of the candidate (passport, ID, drivers’ licence)
  • A single proof of address, for example the last three months of rent receipts of the previous/current rental object
  • A limited number of supporting documents disclosing the professional activity (e.g. a statement from the employer certifying employment and salary) as well as the financial situation of the candidate (e.g. previous tax return or last three pay slips)

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