Searching for a School in Paris

If you are moving to Paris with children, then your search for schools will begin immediately. Understandably, you want to limit disruption to your child’s education while providing increased educational opportunities and challenges. While the educational opportunities here are endless, there is a massive amount of information online that is quickly overwhelming to sift through. As your relocation agents, having a detailed discussion with us about your child’s needs will allow us to suggest potential schools within your search parameters. We can then help ease you through a sometimes tough and time-consuming selection process.

After we’ve helped narrow your search, we will assist in the gathering of information about curriculum as well as share experiences based on years of settling other families. Because most international schools welcome visits from prospective families–we can schedule a campus tour to give you the best glimpse into a school’s culture, staff and students. (This is less common for French private schools and not a possibility for French public schools.)

We are also familiar with the admissions processes and can guide you through your applications. In addition, we can advise you on child-care options, nursery schools and after-school activities.

Although your deciding factors will differ based on your family’s needs, here are several criteria you might want to consider in your school search:


Convenience of your home to the school’s location will determine your child’s transportation needs.

(2) COST

Know your budget or your company’s relocation policy with regard to schooling costs. If school transportation is necessary, this will create an additional cost.


Whether French fluency is your goal or you’re searching for a school in your native language–we are familiar with the options and can offer suggestions.


Course offerings and activities fitting your child’s interests and learning needs are important at every age. If your child is close to university years, then you will also want to determine if the school has the necessary courses (potentially including AP/IB) to keep your child on track for a timely graduation.


Seek a learning environment that is not only comfortable, but also meets your child’s creative, academic, social and emotional needs.


Our goal is to help you find the school that is the best fit for your child’s personality and learning needs. We will guide you through this process using insights gained from assisting other families, curriculum and school information, campus tours and general advice. This will allow you to feel comfortable with your decisions thereby easing your child’s transition to a new school.


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