Your home

When setting up a new home for yourself and your family there are many points to consider. Here, making the right choices will be key: creating a home is often seen as the most important ingredient for achieving a happy family life.

Your decisions will take into account a variety of elements such as: geographic location, schools, childcare and proximity to your work.

your story in paris:

  • help you to identify the locations most suited to your needs and lifestyle
  • introduce you to the different neighbourhoods of Paris, as well as its suburbs, and point out advantages and disadvantages
  • find a suitable house or apartment and deal with the relevant paperwork
  • get your new home insured (obligation in France)
  • assist you in finding a removal company and supervise your move: it shall be efficient and smooth
  • help you to get settled into your place: we connect electricity, heating, water, television, phone and internet, alarm system etc. for you
  • organise any necessary redecoration, furniture rental or kitchen installation
  • find domestic help, e.g. gardener, cleaning staff, cook
  • advise on how to bring your pet with you