Author: Britta Sedemund

The Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris 2024

Another five months to go, and Paris will welcome the whole world for the eagerly awaited Olympic Games! The preparations for this sporting event in the French capital are in full swing!

While athletes, tourists and organizers are in preparation fever, some parisian residents are already planning to pack their bags to escape the tumult, fearing traffic restrictions, parking problems, security issues and crowds of tourists. The Olympic Games – for some a tremendous party, for others additional stress in their daily lives –opinions are divided.

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Calendar of celebrations

To understand those celebrations and holidays, we compiled a calendar for you, so you know what to expect and how to prepare!

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Growing up bilingual: What are the pros and cons for our children?

Those who grow up bilingual will without doubt have an advantage on the job market. What do parents need to consider? Can bilingualism overexert the kids?

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